E-mail or online invoicing is your way to a convenient and speedy invoice payment, using the internet. Although they differ slightly, the gist of online and e-mail invoicing is that you receive your service invoice as soon as it has been dispatched to you. The invoice is then accessible to you from your e-mail inbox, so online invoicing lets you access your documents any time and anywhere that there is an internet connection.

E-mail Invoicing and Online Invoicing: Why are they Different?

E-mail invoicing is where an invoice or statement is sent directly to by e-mail, as opposed to by fax or by post. The invoice forms the contents of the e-mail, so should not contain private information. Online invoicing allows the sending of private information as involves sending the customer a link to their invoice, which can be password protected or even require an electronic signature.

Online and e-mail invoicing differ from fax or postal methods of document sending because the customer invoice does not arrive at a physical location. Online invoicing means that customers do not need to move to a place and collect their invoice specifically. They, instead can just access it online.

Advantages to you of E-mail and Online Invoicing

Online and e-mail invoicing offer fast invoice delivery to you. Therefore you are able to pay your invoices without delay, and using a link attached to your invoice for added convenience. Thus, online invoicing will enable you better financial management because instant payment makes you less likely to forget about an invoice and experience late payment charges.

Using online and e-mail invoicing to receive documents will reduce your carbon footprint. Online invoicing omits the need for a paper copy of your invoices, as you can store them electronically once received. This not only saves paper, but online invoicing also saves the company invoicing you money on postage costs. Also, by not using printers and folder inserters the e-mail invoicing process saves energy.

Outsourced Online and E-mail Invoicing

It is sometimes advantageous for online invoicing to be outsourced. Netsend discusses ways in which your company may choose to outsource their e-mail invoicing, and implications for you, as a customer. However, it should be noted that outsourced e-mail and online invoicing is highly beneficial to you, as means your company will not experience service disruption as they move to online invoicing.

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