Online invoicing is something into which all modern companies should buy. Sending invoices using the postal service, or even a fax machine, are fast becoming dated activities, and a symptom of a company which is ‘behind the times’.

What are E-mail Invoicing and Online Invoicing?

As the name would suggest, e-mail invoicing is the act of sending a customer’s invoice to their e-mail account, as opposed to by post or using a fax machine. Online invoicing is the very similar process of sending an invoice, but instead of forming part of an e-mail sent to a customer, the invoice is made available online using a secure internet portal. With online invoicing, the customer will be sent an e-mail notifying them that their invoice is ready to be viewed. The customer will then access this invoice through a link on that e-mail. Online invoicing often requires a customer to validate their identity before they can view their invoice. For this reason, online invoicing may be seen as more secure.

Why are E-mail Invoicing and Online invoicing features of a Modern Company?

Online and E-mail invoicing are advantageous in the modern world because they speed up monetary transactions between business and client. This is important as the pace of the business world is continually increasing. E-mail invoicing and online invoicing need to be used by a business in order that they keep up with this.

A speedily sent invoice is an invoice which stands a greater chance of being paid faster. This is an important feature to both online invoicing and e-mail invoicing. Once payment if received, a company can begin to gain interest on that amount, and use it to pay debts or improve their services.

How can I get the most benefit from Online and E-mail Invoicing?

In order that online and e-mail invoicing are used to their maximum potential, a company needs to ensure their online invoicing systems are at their most efficient. Sometimes for this to best be achieved, these services should be outsourced to a company such as Netsend, who will be able to implement these systems into your business for you. As experts in e-mail invoicing and online invoicing, an outsourced company will be able to assess your business needs and recommend a method of smooth transaction from traditional methods.

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