The benefits and advantages of sending invoices, statements and such like electronically are becoming ever clearer. Technology can now give you greater control over your invoice run, faster delivery and better delivery intelligence than the traditional post method.

Businesses are starting to understand how e-delivery improves processes and reduces costs. What’s less clear is the best method of electronic sending.

With email the choices are the ‘push’ method – emailing the document as an attachment (usually PDF), or emailing a link to ‘pull’ the customer to a website. Each has its merits, pitfalls and advocates.

Some of your customers will want a PDF for its immediacy and ease of access. This method of e-delivery is potentially the easiest to set-up (no websites required) and provides the path of least resistance between receipt and viewing. Just double click and there it is.

Where PDF delivery starts to lose appeal is when your customer receives high volumes of documents on a frequent basis. For them keeping track of a steady trickle (or indeed deluge) of multiple emails with multiple attachments can become tedious.
For them accessing a website to download the documents as 1 multi paged file in 1 process becomes a better option.

Other advantages of the pull email strategy is that online activity can be monitored and reported on, un-accessed documents can be escalated or re-sent and there is always an archive of sent documents available online for copy requests.

Fax too, is still alive and kicking and has its place as a means of electronic delivery. 23% of the invoices and statements Netsend delivers electronically are by fax.

What this shows is different customers need different things. Therefore the best e-delivery method is whichever one the customer will accept. If you can deliver your invoices quickly, to the right person and by their preferred method you’ve cleared several of the hurdles to effective credit control.

If you’re considering an e-delivery imitative and wish to succeed you must offer your customer a choice of delivery methods. Netsend lets the recipient choose between push and pull email or fax and we average a 70% conversion away from posted delivery. Limit the options and you will limit the take-up.

Of course building a system to cater to your customers every need can be complex, time consuming and expensive (trust me). One easy way to bypass this is to speak with me about outsourcing it.


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