Transactional document distribution is a major part of any business. The way in which is it carried out determines how your company presents itself to clients and the impression you give. Transactional document distribution is possible by post, fax, or using e-mail. The third option of e-mail is the most popular method of transactional document distribution. A company sending transactional documents via the internet is said to be using web invoicing.

Managing Transactional Document Distribution

The easy solution to transactional document distribution is to do as much as possible electronically using a web invoicing system. With B2B interactions this electronic transactional document distribution is often possible with a large number of clients. It is likely that your business clients themselves endure the task of transactional document distribution to the same extent you do. For this reason they probably have come across (and may even use) web invoicing and know of its benefits to company and client. Many companies choose to outsource the task of transactional document distribution; a company like Netsend will be fully equipped to deal with the complexities of this task.

Methods of Transactional Document Distribution

Traditionally, all transactional document distribution would be by post; a process which proved time consuming and expensive for many businesses. The process remains so, when compared with more modern fax and e-mail. However, the invention of a folder inserter machine has meant that mass postal mailing of documents is not the hefty task it once was. It is important to mention this method of transactional document distribution because many companies and customers still prefer it. Especially as the task can now be outsourced to another company, for instance, Netsend.

The fax machine also remains in use, albeit losing popularity to web invoicing. Web invoicing is the most popular method of transactional document distribution. It is fast and secure, two very important factors in B2B communication. Much of transactional document distribution is that of invoices seeking payment. The faster these invoices are made available by web invoicing, the faster they can be paid and you can receive money. This speedy web invoicing therefore allows both you and the business with whom you are dealing to manage their finances efficiently.

Web Invoicing

Web invoicing is widely used in transactional document distribution, and involves your clients receiving an email to inform them their invoice is ready to be viewed and paid. From this e-mail web invoicing provides a link to the client’s invoice. This link will be guarded with security questions and in some cases an electronic signature. This method is preferred by many clients because it provides them with an online portal through which they can view past invoices.

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