A paperless office is one with extensive use of electronic document distribution, to the extent that paper has been outmoded by computers. I’m sure you are wondering where such a phenomenon exists, and the truth is the paperless office has yet to become a reality. Day by day developments in electronic document distribution take the business world closer to the ideal of a paperless office. You can help this to happen by employing electronic document distribution in as many of your B2B communications as possible.

Why is a Paperless Office a good thing?

A paperless office relies on electronic document distribution in all your B2B (and B2C) communication. Sending documents electronically gives your company a more professional appearance when communicating with other businesses. In relation to customers, it can give you an edge over a company occupying a similar market niche.

For you, a paperless office is simply much easier than having to print documents and send them by post, a time consuming and expensive task which can generate mess in an office. Electronic document distribution saves you all the energy and time which goes into this task, and uses a database to send your documents automatically, so you don’t even need to lift a finger!

Finally, having a paperless office will make you a more environmentally sound company. As environmental factors are increasingly important in our business world, using electronic document distribution is not only practical, but trendy too. Other businesses will respect he environmental head on your shoulders and want to enter into business with you and your paperless office.

What steps can I take towards a Paperless Office now?

At present, steps can be taken towards achieving your paperless office. These include using electronic document distribution as much as possible. Customers who still prefer paper documents should be targeted with a campaign showing environmental and personal benefits of electronic document distribution and the paperless office. Also, by using electronic document distribution in B2B interactions you can set a good example to other businesses. They will respect and learn from the benefits you are exhibiting.

To reduce your paper usage now you may consider transferring your document distribution to another company who focus on this area of business. Companies like Netsend can help you in your plight to become a paperless office by taking your paper document distribution off your hands. You could also outsource your electronic document distribution to Newsnet, using them as a virtual mailroom.

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