E-billing is a technology heavy initiative so is often outsourced to an expert company. If you’re considering doing this, here’s Netsend’s top 5 things to expect from your service provider.

1. A Proven track record.

Undelivered and wrong invoices are two of the main hurdles to getting paid to terms. To quote Wyatt Earp, ‘Fast is fine but accuracy is everything’. Cash is king so invoicing is as critical a business function as there is. Before outsourcing your invoice delivery to anyone there is a very basic question to ask; can they do it? One way to check is to suck it and see. A more measured approach is to start with their track record. If hell is paved in good intentions heaven is decked with good track records. Do they have happy clients? Does their experience cover your industry and the same software packages and enterprise systems you use? Another key detail their track record can show is their ability to convert documents from print and post to electronic delivery. When you stop posting, the main cost and operational benefits of e-billing really come into play. If your supplier can’t succeed here you’re not getting an e-billing solution you’re just getting a mailing house.


2. Multi-channel Delivery Options.

Look for a provider that can offer push and pull email as well as fax, post and data to data delivery. You may not choose to offer all methods to your customers now but the options should exist for the future. Maybe you’ll need one of the options for a particular client later down the line or maybe your requirements will change. Usually a supplier strongly advocating one methodology over another is due to technical constraints rather than genuine operational benefit.


3. Future Proofing.

The founders of Netsend have been involved in the development of e-billing functionality for 12 years. A lot has changed in that time; received wisdom has been challenged and new ideas, concepts and standards have emerged that weren’t even considered a decade ago. Technology can move at an incredible pace so it’s imperative your system can keep up, maintain relevance and provide solutions in step with the times and your evolving requirements. Your E-billing solution needs to be dynamic not static so look for one that has continually developed and has plans to keep doing so.


4. Flexibility.

A good e-billing system will be flexible and configurable to your needs. Technology should exist to fit with and support your existing business practices, not have them bent or changed to accommodate its limitations.


5. Great Customer Service.

Any technology solution is only ever as good as its people. Netsend understand people buy people first, products and services second. That’s borne out by the satisfaction surveys we receive from our clients. Our product is always rated well but the high-praise, the ‘AMAZING’s’ are reserved for our customer service.

When it comes to choosing the right technology it seems the most important factor is to first choose the right people.


For more information on choosing the right document delivery solution for you,

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