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Netsend: e-invoicing, e-billing and document distribution

Netsend is at the vanguard of companies dedicated to eradicating issues of credit control. Through its management of business-critical document distribution, Netsend ensures accurate and efficient delivery of invoices to your customers in the medium which suits them.

About Netsend

The key to our success with major multinational clients is simple: focus. Our systems, protocols and people are 100% focused on outsourced document distribution for credit management.

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Improving Cash Flow and CEM through e-invoicing Improving Cash Flow and Customer Experience through e-invoicing
and e-billing

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"Long may you continue to set standards for others to follow"

– Adecco Group UK & Ireland

"Our customers ask ‘Why didn't we use Netsend before?!'"

– Total Gas & Power

"It saves us time printing and scanning documents"

– MTV Networks Europe

How Netsend Works


Netsend creates documents by parsing data from your accounts package and combining with previously built templates.


Netsend’s multichannel document delivery service handles email (push and pull), EDI, fax, post, FTP and other formats.


The Netsend portal is a feature-rich, web-based management and analytics platform; configured and branded to your requirements.


Netsend’s customer migration service typically results in a shift to at least 80% electronic invoicing within 12 months.


Headquartered in the UK, Netsend has clients operating in over 52 countries with a variety of language requirements.


Netsend provides a secure electronic format in order to ensure compliance with EU Directive 2006/112/EC.


Netsend’s 10 years of experience working closely with FTSE 100 companies from different sectors has enabled us to enhance and refine our products continuously. We are proud to offer market-leading solutions that are both flexible and user-friendly. Here are some of the sectors that use Netsend

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Food and Beverage





e-billing and e-invoicing in the energy sector with Netsend


electronic invoicing and billing in the engineering and manufacturing sector with Netsend

Engineering and Manufacturing